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Smart CEOs Move Beyond Net Promoter Score (NPS); Stonegate Launches STAMP to Better Gauge Client Loy

Successful businesses thrive on consistent client feedback, but less than 5 percent of company leaders systematically capture the voice of their business customers.

Stonegate, a company that develops and licenses software to help its clients better acquire and retain customers, recently launched its newest offering STAMP (Strategic Account Management Platform).

Marc Pierce, Stonegate’s founder and CEO explains, “While many companies have initiatives underway to obtain the voice of the end-consumer, few companies systematically reach out to their business customers or clients to see how well they are delivering against their needs.”

STAMP helps business leaders systematically determine what is most important to their business customers. This platform shows how well they are delivering against each customer’s needs, identifies the key actions they should take to improve customer satisfaction, alerts them when they are underperforming, and tracks performance over time.

STAMP creates a dashboard on each and every business customer that goes beyond showing a B2B Net Promoter Score, enabling company leaders to quickly identify those areas that need the most attention. STAMP has proven to deliver a positive ROI; multiple clients have seen significant increases in their B2B Net Promoter Scores as well as retention rates.

Tina Satterfield, Vice President of Marketing for HM Health Solutions and STAMP client explains “The dashboard shows how well companies are delivering against customer needs in the categories that are most important to their clients. This is an excellent, user-friendly tool to gauge client loyalty and defection risk.”

STAMP also provides an account manager dashboard, enabling companies to see how well each account manager is performing relative to their colleagues. STAMP can work independently or together with a company’s existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. STAMP addresses a major gap in current CRM software, as today, feedback entered in these systems is self-reported – often resulting in biased and inconsistent data with which to make intelligent decisions. Stonegate began its journey 13 years ago working with most of the country’s national, regional and local healthcare carriers. The applicability of STAMP extends to almost every other B2B sector.

“In six months since launching STAMP,” Pierce says, “Stonegate has licensed the software to over 15 major corporations and is poised to hit 30 by year end. For comparison, acquired 30 small businesses in its first six months after launch by giving it away for free. We are very encouraged to be generating revenue this early.” Pierce continued, “We complement platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot, believing every business-to-business CRM customer should be using software like STAMP to make better and real-time business decisions.”

About Stonegate :

Founded in 2005, Stonegate provides licensed software products, data solutions, and market intelligence to help its clients better acquire and retain their customers, fueling top line growth. For more information on STAMP, visit .

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