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A turnkey lead generator / subsidy estimator solution that drives new leads to a health plan’s on-exchange (and off-exchange) offerings as well as informs current and prospective members on their subsidy and plan options.


  • Powers many of the leading US health plans generating over 500,000 unique leads during the last open enrollment cycle.

  • Industry leading functionality delivers highest level of accuracy, from individual enrollees to multi-status families.

  • Individual subsidy, Medicaid, Medicare results for each member of the household.

  • Accurate calculations results in highly qualified leads.

  • Easy estimates reduce the number of inbound calls, lowering acquisition costs.

  • Customized interface reinforces brand identity.

  • Available in iFrame or API.

  • Benefits consumers, sales teams and brokers needing to obtain accurate information about qualified subsidies.

  • Redirects non-subsidy eligible individuals to other options (e.g. off-exchange products, Medicare, etc.).

  • Commercial available for private label.

MySubCalc Screen Shot
MySubCalc Screen Shot
MySubCalc Screen Shot
Dollars & Sense:   During open enrollment, leverage MySubCalc as a reason for consumers to visit your website. For consumers already interacting with your brand, do not miss a valuable opportunity to capture quality contact information.
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