A Customer Success SaaS platform that assesses B2B customer sentiment, significantly improves clients’ ability to retain accounts, increases recurring revenue, and maximizes customer
lifetime value.


A turnkey lead generator / subsidy estimator solution that drives new leads to a health plan’s on-exchange (and off-exchange) offerings as well as informs current and prospective members on their subsidy and plan options.  Available in API and iFrame.  Read more...


An online solution to help Medicare consumers learn more about their eligibility and plan options.  Determines eligibility for Medicare (including Duals and PACE), educates user on types of Medicare, and identifies the optimal plan option based on expected usage and prescription needs.  Available in API and iFrame.  Read more...


A mock-up of an online healthcare marketplace (public, private, or Medicare) that enables quick and efficient evaluation of which products, plans, and user experiences win in a real-life, competitive environment. Read more...


Market Assessment and Visualization: a robust data analytics and visualization tool that consolidates disparate data sources (internal and external) on health plan market share and size into a single source of truth, enabling consistent market reporting across your organization. Read more...


An online marketplace focused on making healthy living easier by connecting consumers with the latest innovations in fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and anti-aging. Read more...


The healthcare industry’s first online panel of industry experts designed for the rapid acquisition of insights in a quickly shifting post-ACA environment. Read more...

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Win - At Risk - Retain: a data analytics tool for the Individual market that helps health plans profile customers by leveraging enrollment / claims data; assess retention rates and market share risk by conducting scenario planning based on relative competitor pricing on the Exchange. Read more...

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