An online solution to help Medicare consumers learn more about their eligibility and plan options. Determines eligibility for Medicare (including Duals and PACE), educates user on types of Medicare, and identifies the optimal plan option based on expected usage and prescription needs.  

  • Captures pertinent information on Medicare leads.

  • Provides detailed eligibility and enrollment period information; includes dual eligibility for Medicaid and PACE.

  • Provides estimate of Part B premium.

  • Educates user on types of Medicare programs including Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Part D, etc.

  • Collects information on expected utilization and prescription needs and recommends the optimal Medicare program (e.g. Medigap with a Part D or Medicare Advantage).

  • Prioritizes available plan options based on Medicare consumer needs and expected utilization.

  • Fully hosted solution, available in both an API and iFrame.

Dollars & Sense:   Generates Medicare leads while helping Medicare consumers evaluate and navigate their options; increases conversion by guiding prospective Medicare consumers to your specific offerings.
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