A mock-up of an online healthcare marketplace (public, private, or Medicare) that enables quick and efficient evaluation of which products, plans, and user experiences win in a real-life, competitive environment.

  • Quickly and efficiently ideate, develop, and test product concepts and price points.

  • Evaluate how your plans rank relative to a set of current and potential competitive offerings, giving you insight into both product and brand position in the competitive set.

  • Explore the impact of the user experience while simultaneously testing plan/price features.

  • Simulate different purchasing paths, including choice guidance, up-front filtering, and bundling. For example, create an intelligent marketplace by bundling stand-alone products based on pre-defined logic (ie. visually merchandise Critical Care Insurance with a High-deductible Health Plan).

  • Understand the trade-offs purchasers will make to find what they perceive to be an affordable plan or bundle of products that meets their insurance needs.

Dollars & Sense:   Empirical results enable your organization to create optimized plan benefit design, pricing, and customer experience strategies that help differentiate your company in a crowded marketplace.
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