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Market Assessment and Visualization: a robust data analytics and visualization tool that consolidates disparate data sources (internal and external) on health plan market share and size into a single source of truth, enabling consistent market reporting across your organization.

  • Gathers the most recent data from open and proprietary market size and share sources, including: NAIC, CMS, BLS, CBOE, Census, MEPS, HealthLeaders, and others.

  • Aggregates and normalizes all th edata to ensure 'apples to apples' comparisons (e.g. carrier name, affiliates, resides vs. insured-in, etc.).

  • Provides reporting on market size and share:

    • Historical (2011-15) and projected (2016-20);

    • By geography (national, state, MSA and county);

    • By competitor, including Government as a payer;

    • By segment (individual, small group, large group, ASO, Medicare Advantage, Med Supp, PDP, Medicaid FFS, Medicaid Managed Care, uninsured, and others); and,

    • By metric (membership, revenue, profit).

  • Uses Tableau for efficient and dynamic reporting and visualizations, including standard and custom reporting.

MAV Dashboard
Dollars & Sense:   Break down the barriers between silos of internal lines of business and overlapping sources of external market data to create a proven, systematic approach to analysing market share, market opportunity, and competitive position.
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