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Win - At Risk - Retain: a data analytics tool for the Individual market that helps health plans profile customers by leveraging enrollment / claims data; assess retention rates and market share risk by conducting scenario planning based on relative competitor pricing on the Exchange.

  • Leveraging output from Stonegate’s proprietary Subsidy Estimator, we built a model that forecasts the impact of various pricing / subsidy scenarios on your market share, by cohort.

  • You receive a roadmap to better understand the potential impacts of the 2016-17 rate filings on your public exchange book of business.

  • County level, analytical insights that answers key questions including:

    • What is the potential impact on the subsidy and subsidized pricing of your plans by cohort based on various rate changes?

    • How many and which of your current enrollees will be at risk?

    • Which counties represent an incremental opportunity to acquire additional members based on planned pricing and the likelihood of member acquisition?

WAR Scenarios
WAR Scenarios
Dollars & Sense:   The insight you need to better understand your customers, evaluate various pricing strategies, and micro-target your marketing dollars to key population sub-segments.
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