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SightLinx Omnibus

SightLinx Health & Wellness Omnibus Survey

Stonegate Advisors proudly presents the Health and Wellness Omnibus Survey—an innovative research initiative delivering invaluable insights into health and well-being. With a panel audience of a quarter of a million respondents reached regularly (a minimum of N=500 each survey), this cost-effective resource is tailored to empower informed decision-making in healthcare, consumer package goods, wellness, and related fields.

  • Unprecedented Scale: Boasting a quarter-million participants, our Omnibus Survey guarantees robust and precise data collection.

  • Consistent Insights: Unlike sporadic surveys, our Omnibus Survey runs at least monthly, ensuring that you remain at the forefront of evolving health trends.

  • Cost-Efficient Research: Ask multiple questions at a fraction of the cost of standalone surveys, making high-quality data accessible to organizations of all sizes.

  • Diverse Demographics: Gain insights into specific demographics or broader trends, addressing the unique needs of varied populations.

  • Customizable: Customize survey questions for insights on physical health, mental well-being, products, programs, lifestyle (such as dietary or nutrition and more). 

Example Output

Example Output.png

What's An Ombibus? Omnibus survey research is a versatile and cost-effective data collection method that combines a wide range of questions from multiple clients into a single survey instrument. It is designed to gather diverse information, often on various topics, from a representative sample of respondents, at a fraction of the cost of running your own survey.

  • Validate Initiatives: Test and refine strategies, tactics, tactical programs, or product concepts.

  • Market Opportunities: Define markets accurately to identify growth prospects.

  • Assess Engagement: Measure consumer attitudes, awareness, and usage patterns to tailor strategies.

  • Track Trends: Monitor emerging trends with weekly surveys, including running tracking studies within the omnibus.

  • Promote Initiatives: Leverage survey data for compelling narratives and positive publicity.

  • Refine Demographics: Build precise demographic profiles for effective health and wellness targeting.

Dollars & Sense:   Enhance PR and gain positive media coverage by supporting initiatives, shaping policies, and tracking trends; participate in shared surveys to reduce research expenses without compromising data quality; stay ahead of competitors with unique, timely insights that inform your industry strategies; and, base your strategies on real-time, comprehensive data.
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