Stonegate Advisors: Research for Healthcare Strategy


Each year, healthcare companies lose significant time and money on underperforming product and service introductions.

We increase the success rate of bringing your products and services to market.


Our 5-step research-intensive approach is enabled by our technology-based toolset.

We help clients assess the market, talk to constituents, concept test ideas, and plan for a successful launch.


Stonegate is a full-service healthcare market research and strategy company.

We help clients transform information into insight, and insight into action.

Why Stonegate?

Stonegate Advisors has a strong track record of helping healthcare companies successfully launch products and services. We also help our clients stop or refine product and service introductions when our research reveals shortcomings, flaws, or poor appeal.

Stonegate is distinct with our extensive knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry. Living the industry every day, performing continuous research, knowing and talking to the players, and speaking at and attending industry conferences and events, gives us greater perspective and clarity.

We deliver tremendous value to our clients, ensuring a positive return on your investment.